The test was made available
to the public thanks to Mr Jerzy Ginalski,
the manager of the Museum of Folk Architecture

statement of
Mr Jerzy Ginalski

the aids of
the project

plan of
city sektor

The idea of building the town zone in Ethnographic Park in Sanok has been planned and discussed for over 30 years. According to the specialists this idea is unprecedented in Poland as far as protection and dissemination of cultural heritage is concerned. The project provides for the reconstruction of a centre of a small town from Podkarpacie region with its all economical and cultural functions (it dates back to the second half of the 19th century). Around a quadrate square – an old market place – it is planned to build 23 wooden buildings, which will be placed in such a way so as to represent a typical Galician town. There will be replicas of specific buildings from different localities such as habitable, habitable-productive, habitable-commercial and habitable-service buildings. The building of a small town in Ethnographic Park in Sanok will not be a replica of one chosen town but it also will not be an accidental set of preserved buildings.


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