The project is to work out the technical documentation which is essential when the application for subsidy from structural funds is concerned. Moreover, the project is to visualize some ‘Sanok Cultural Heritage Park’ objects. It will bring nearer to the society and the interested the major project assumptions. ‘Sanok Cultural Heritage Park’ is to promote the local cultural heritage by organizing the competition for the teenagers called ‘Culture in Our Towns’ as well as publishing thematic album connected with cultural heritage. Another project task is the creation of proper transport infrastructure on the park ground, which would naturally connect the distant part of the park. Within ‘Sanok Cultural Heritage Park’ project both in Sanok and Lvov seminaries and business meetings are going to be organized. There will be an opportunity to consult, share the experience and monitor the project’s progress.
The ‘Sanok Cultural Heritage Park’ project is going to realize the following tasks:


The preparation of the technical documentation concerning the creation of ‘Sanok Cultural Heritage Park’. This task will include the realization projects of the following places:


Galician market,


City market,


Renaissance Castle in Sanok


Seiminars and business meetings – necessary for smooth tasks coordination. People from the world of Culture and Art, businessmen, young people and representation of municipal governments form Poland and Ukraine will be invited.


Promotion of local cultural heritage – the main aim of this task is to publish the album devoted to Sanok Cultural Heritage. The summary of this album will be translated into English and Ukraine languages. The task also includes distributing of news leaflets and gadgets promoting the project.


Competition for teenagers called ‘Culture in Our Towns’. The competition will be carried in several categories such as painting, photography or multimedia computer simulations. The aim of the competition will be to present Sanok and Lvov cultural heritage.


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