Janusz Szuber - a poet born in Sanok, Władysław Szulc - a painter and photographer. They are both closely connected with Sanok although they are quiet different personalities.

This town has created a kind of link between the creation of those two artists. Since the first meetings, projects and ideas they have co-operated in creating their own works. They have created a kind of artistic dialogue which can be called “Myself”. How can  we choose most valuable

 memories out of their works? One thing that can be seen from the very beginning is that both artists treat Sanok with great emotion. The town is ‘inside’ their souls. Sanok is a charming town with marvelous landscapes on one hand, and on the other it is full of forgotten details, small huts by the banks of the River San and natural decorations.

All these facts make us think about Sanok in terms of modern aspects as well as create the atmosphere of valuable memories. Sanok can be seen in reflections of old windows and in branches of old trees- it is seen by ordinary people as well as by artists. 

The atmosphere is unforgettable- it sooths us with sun beams and on the other hand it brings us back to reality as “ we can be saved from the throat of Magnificent Nothingness…”


Anna Strzelecka